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Sight Control version 2.0 is available now.

◼ We like Sight Control because it’s not applying filters after you’ve taken pictures or video; moving the sliders back and forth results in real-time, immediate changes. - iLounge + Mac

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Works as advertised ★★★★★
by darkfreq - Version 1.0 - Jun 18, 2012

I have a lot of backlight in my office and this did the trick. Solved my problems for my video conferencing.

Thank You … Works Great! ★★★★★
by Perezohana - Version 1.1 - Jun 26, 2012

Thank you … your app really helped me adjust my webcam so that my Skype sessions were "visible" to the other party instead of the usuall dark images that were being transmitted due to my rooms lighting. FIVE STARS for a great app.

What's New in Version 1.1
  • New app icon 
  • Add Aperture control for newer version of FaceTime Camera 
  • Removed "Launch Sight Control at Login" function due to sandbox.


  1. just purchased & installed Sight Control via AppStore.
    installed okay and seemed to be working fine . . . until i shutdown & restarted my computer. now the system does not recognize my iSight camera (can not connect to it in Photo Booth) and the Sight Control panel cannot access it either (controls greyed out and no "Built-in Camera" listed as the device). rather disappointed to be have such difficulties so soon after installation.

    i'm running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on a MacBook laptop (the first aluminium unibody version with only USB . . . circa 2008). will try rebooting, etc., but it is a bit disconcerting to not see my iSight when it was working flawlessly for so long.

  2. Sorry about this inconvenience, I have aluminum MacBook as well. The iSight disappearing situation does happened to be a few times over the years. Those were before the time Sight Control is developed. My experience is when the USB bus got really messed up; iSight may not work properly or even totally disappeared on USB bus. I have not been able to track down the failing pattern.

    Can you try following steps,

    1. Run Sight Control and uncheck “Launch Sight Control at login” option then quit.
    2. Shutdown your Mac and wait for a while
    3. Restart your Mac and your iSight should back to normal

    Please let me know if the issue can be resolved.

    For your information, Sight Control does try to control iSight directly thru USB bus, I cannot say 100% this issue is not related to Sight Control. If your iSight is back to normal and you are willing to keep using Sight Control. I would like to ask you to keep an on it and help me figure out if my App is causing the problem. If not please also let me know and we can work something out. Thank you again for giving my App a chance.

  3. Liang —

    saw your message on G+ . . . sorry i hadn't looked back here sooner. as it turns out i did get it squared away. as i mentioned, i was going to try to some things and here's what seems to have ultimately worked:

    1. i noticed that the camera light was on like it active so i thought it might be caught in
    some sort of loop.
    2. after simply shutting down & restarting did not correct the issue, i turned off "open at
    login" from the options of the dock icon and removed the package from the applications
    folder so it would not be where it was expected.
    3. shut down & restarted the computer. this time the light was not on and i could access
    the camera from PhotoBooth. moved the folder back into the applications folder and
    restarted the computer.
    4. when it came back up, i double checked that i could access the camera via PhotoBooth
    and then launched Sight Control. it allowed me to continue making changes and has
    worked fine since then.

    FYI: i find your comments about the USB bus interesting since i have been having problems with my USB mouse since upgrading to Snow Leopard about a month or so ago. it will randomly stop working and usually requires that i unplug/replug it to get it working again. consequently, i would think it might be a USB bus driver that's causing these types of issues, esp. since this MacBook shipped with Leopard (10.5.x) and is the only one of its kind to not have a FireWire port (which implies to me that it is more of a hardware oddity than other MacBooks/MacBook Pros of the similar lineage). Perhaps there is some slight difference in the chipset on this USB bus than on the subsequent ones which the newer Snow Leopard drivers don't completely address. perhaps you could do a little more research and talk with Apple about that possibility (not that they'll be likely to say it's in their drivers, but an update might show up mysteriously that "fixes" these problems).

    thanks for the prompt reply (despite my not seeing it) and good luck with your continued search for answers. : )

    — Michael


  4. This app doesn't start up on my both my iMacs 10.5.6, what to do?

    kind regards

  5. Alex, did you purchased the App on another Mac and want to use it on Macs with OS X 10.5? If so, can you please zip and email me(mactaris[at] your copy of App? I will probably have to make a custom build for you to run on OS X 10.5.

    Some of the Mac App Store mechanizm works only on OS X 10.6 or later, I shouldn't have claimed my App be able to run on OS X 10.5 (although it's was designed to run on it), I have changed requirements in version 1.1 to prevent any further confusion. For your case I hope you will accept my solution - a custom made version designated to you and runs only on 10.5.

    1. Is there any way I could purchase a version that runs on OS X 10.5?
      I'm still running Leopard due to having output devices that require it, and would also like to run this app.

  6. Greetings! I just wanted to say THANKS ... enjoy using Sight Control on my Mac and it works fine. Also wanted to know what difference if any there is between Sight Control and your new app WebCam Settings.

    I'm not sure if there's any advantage in Webcam Settings over Sight Control ... can you please clarify?

  7. Thanks for your question; it gave me a chance to explain the situation.

    "Sight Control" is designed to support Mac's built-in webcams and "Webcam Settings" is intended to support all UVC webcams.

    Sight Control support all settings found on Mac's built-in webcams, every supported setting is listed in the product description. To develop Sight Control I actually go over most Apple machines that have a built-in camera and fix compatibilities.

    Webcam Settings is a bit more complicated. I spent a few hundred dollars buying most advanced webcams on the market including Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Logitech HD C615, HD Pro C910, QuickCam™ Orbit AF, QuickCam Orbit MP, QuickCam Pro 9000 and other 3rd party lower end UVC webcam. Plus several other types of UVC cameras form my clients – Lumens DC120 Visual Presenter, Vast Tech 5MP Digital Microscope and UVC Film Scanner. Webcam Settings support all settings found on these devices and supported settings are different then Sight Control.

    If you are using only Mac’s built-in webcams, please choose Sight Control. If you are using external UVC camera or plan to use one, please choose Webcam Settings.


    If you bought Sight Control 1.0 and want external UVC webcam support. Please email me at mactaris(at)

  8. i record video using the c910 on OS X Lion (and potentially Mountain Lion later) using QuickTime. Also, my camera is not recognized in iMovie although I would like it to be.
    Can Webcam Settings work with both of these applications and provide me with the full features listed here? I need to be able to control contrast, brightness, focus, basically all the functionalities of the Windows Logitech Webcam Software. Will Webcam Settings provide these settings for Quicktime and iMovie for the Logitech c910?

    1. Please read my reply in the Webcam Settings page.

  9. how can I switch from the image so that shows me right not in mirror?

    1. Flip or mirror image can only be provide by a "camera driver". Sight Control is only an app, it is not capable of providing such feature.

      You may try different video apps. FaceTime and Photo Booth are showing mirror image but QuickTime Player and iMovie are showing right image.